Yes we all know the saying that when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade. But since I returned from our trip at Christmas time, life is giving me nothing but crap on a stick. I shall call it Craptuary not January .

Hey this is how it went— we left Virginia Beach in bumper to bumper traffic for hours. The weather held until we got to  our home on exit 279 on I-75 when it started to snow. It’s been cold. Sub Zero and windy with some snow ever since our vacation. Life has become a Darwinian experience trying to drive to work and get things accomplished that needs to be done in this cold sluggish weather.
Our son drove back to college last weekend and I was anxious mama bear. Overall work has been difficult with lots of changes and unkowns and my husband is working 10 to 12 hours every day in this miserable weather. We all came back from our vacation with a cold that seems to be lingering and making life difficult. And then the winter storms. The van has had problems in the past with the transmission, and currently the transmission is frozen solid.  We are down to one car and  I’m working in 2 cities 40 miles apart. My husband has no transportation home. Blah.

The snow becomes problematic and tomorrow they’re forecasting a blizzard-like conditions. So my husband gets home from work last night and he has troubles starting the snow blower and on the last pull it starts, however, the pull cord snaps in the cold temperature.

All this to say the January has been Craptuary. Next week my mother in law has double mastectomy with a cancer diagnosis,  this is also been stress in the background. Winter is nothing that we can’t get through because we do this every year, however, January seems to pile up all the years trouble until one month and then it becomes crap on a stick.

We can solve the cold weather problems one by one.  I have decided to take that crap on a stick and place it in the snow bank,  smile and go make myself a cup of hot chocolate. Or maybe eat some peanut butter and Hershey’s kisses.

2015-01-08 12.33.43


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