2015-03-14 17.54.052015-03-14 18.12.08

Off to a St Patrick’s day Party. We had tons of fun listening to great music,

2015-03-14 18.11.37 2015-03-14 19.33.25

Watching Irish Dancers, these kids were Great!

2015-03-14 19.44.38 2015-03-14 19.51.37 2015-03-14 20.10.31 2015-03-14 20.13.39 2015-03-14 21.53.20

Being Silly and having dinner. We won silent auction items, a beelek porcelain trinity knot and a print. We won door prizes a t shirt and a glass. Then we stayed at the historic hotel that the Hooley was held at. A great date night!


2015-03-14 21.53.58 2015-03-14 21.54.06 2015-03-14 21.55.05

The lobby is a pretty place.  The rooms are as well.

Overall a very nice night out. Back home this morning, I spent lots of time sewing and quilting since I was able to do some early spring cleaning yesterday before we left. I have to say it was nice to get so much done. I am going to post a little tutorial of what I did to use up some of my “orphan” blocks ( you know those block made but not used in a quilt.)





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