I have been immersing myself in my own little world of fairy gardens and gnomes. I have a nice plan to put in a sweet little miniature garden for the magical creatures this spring. The internet has a nice selection of plants and I have a little fairy cottage already. I have been fascinated by miniatures my whole life and I thought this would be a great way to indulge my love for all things small, magical and try to make my garden special. I have also decided that it is ok to embrace some childhood things  like coloring books, doodling, playing my violin and now miniatures. I plan to not have actual fairy statues but make my own little world in the garden where fairies could live.
Yes my birthday is coming up and you may think I have completely lost my mind, that I am struggling with having only one more year in my 40’s…. Nope, I am just embracing creativity and finding outlets for it that is different. I have to say that I have extras in my life and it doesn’t seem so wasteful to spend time and a bit of money on things that are a bit frivilous like a fairy garden and maybe middle age is the perfect time to enjoy it!
I have been waiting and waiting for the nursery to ship plants. It looks like they do in the next 2 weeks. Now if it would warm up and melt the snow I would be happier. I will not put my little miniature plants out until the end of May, so I have lots of time to plan this little world and indulge my whimical nature.
On other horizons, I have bought some cool fabrics. I have several quilt top ideas in the works, very modern and some really traditional. I am focusing on getting long arm projects off my plate because that little arena is overflowing with business and last item,  learning how to relax. It is a new thing for me to have extras, leisure time, hobby time, traveling, spending time with friends…. these things are all wonderful and good. I just have to get used to the fact that not every second of every day is jam packed with doing what needs to be done before I drop into bed at night. Old habits die hard!

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