These blocks are part of my local quilt groups block lotto due next week. The rules are solid grey background in any shade and solid strips. The gray square is cut at 9.5 inches. Cut in half at an angle and sew the 1.25 inch strip to each half of grey, press,  cut in half again and sew strip. MAKE SURE STRIP IS MUCH LONGER THAN THE SQUARE.  Then trim block to 8.5 inches. This lotto is a winner take all. So if i dont win….I will be sad. I havent won yet in any of the lottos……


So I am making a few more blocks for a quilt I want to make for me. I just bought this grey ombre, I am not sticking with all solid strips and I am not going to make a ton , just in case I win!



Here is what I have so far. I like a darker strip in the background and that means sew it in first. One width of fabric makes 4 of these blocks. I think I have a new favorite quilt, wait dont I say that about all of my projects?



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