Soft books

I made 2 soft books with orphaned blocks. They are 12 inch blocks plus sashing.  They are a little too big for soft books but I learned how to long arm a reversible quilt. It isnt easy to line up but it is possible. I also learned about making books.

I sahed each block and made a 2 block  by 2 block quilt top with a backing that was 2 by 2. I put a header on the backing. Next I cut them cut it up to a 2 block strip, bound it and sewed the middle page on a spine. Here are pics of book one

2015-03-28 08.00.24 2015-03-28 08.00.32 2015-03-28 08.00.41 2015-03-28 08.00.48 2015-03-28 08.00.57

The next group of pictures is a second book. I thought that the books could be used as an I spy type of book. I also think that they can be used for doll blankets. I learned so much making these and I think the next books will be from 6 inch blocks with borders.


2015-03-28 08.01.16 2015-03-28 08.01.25 2015-03-28 08.01.35 2015-03-28 08.01.43 2015-03-28 08.01.54

They are washable. They are little mini quilts!




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