20150409_193253I quilted up my Twister quilt. It is made of wool tartan scraps and cotton. I quilted it up with warm and natural batting and Sew Fine Superior thread. I like it. The wool stretched a little so doing triangles on a large scale may not be advised. I think I will wash it just to see what happens. This is a small piece and totally made to test out how the fabrics behave. I plan to make large bed side quilts with wool scraps. Not applique either. Maybe some but mostly pieced.

20150406_174051I am up to the letter M in my mini quilt alphabet. These 5 inch blocks are so fun, see previous post for directions on how to make them.

I am hoping to get moving to other projects but I have had a weird thing happen this week. Back pain and neck pain. Hmmmm, no idea why. I have not been to the gym. I think too much typing and sitting in different chairs. So I am limiting my sitting in hard chairs and overdoing sewing, quilting or even exercise. I am going to really start using the foam roller!

The bathroom is disintegrating before our eyes so we are bracing ourselves for a remodel. I am happy with the ideas of having it updated yet pretty scared, the bathroom is relic from the 1980’s. Could be a big mess.


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  1. Sorry to hear of your pain…I have been dealing with nerve pain in my neck and shoulder from quilting for awhile now and not much happening here. I am interested in knowing how your wool experiment goes, love the tartans 🙂


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