2015-04-14 12.55.36

I loaded a quilt that will be a raffle quilt for the local historical society. It is really a very pretty quilt and I think that it will be a great item to raise funds for a wonderful cause. I am quilting an all over hook feather on it. I will show details as i get further along. It took me a while to get it pressed and on the frame. One row is done, yay!

2015-04-13 12.19.46 Happy mail from Quiltmaker. It is a thank you for testing blocks for the 100 block magazine. I will feature the blocks when this magazine is released

next month! I can’t wait to use this collection.

2015-04-08 19.16.35 Here is the next challenge for quilt group. I am looking forward to making my 3 for the block lotto.

2015-04-08 19.57.14 I did not win the block lotto this month in quilt group. I have a good start on my own, see previous post. I thought these blocks looked so good together!!! I can’t wait to work on my quilt.

I have to say that I am keeping pretty busy with long arming. Overall, I can’t spend tons of time daily because of my day job… yeah, I am in no hurry to change that.

busy season coming up, but I have lots of time sitting in a tent watching my husband do Highland games. I am trying to think of a hand work project but so far no ideas… Maybe I should do some hand piecing. I don’t want to do any knitting or crocheting … too much distractions and it gets too hot. I am open to suggestions. I am toying with the idea of hexies. I can’t believe I said that out loud… I swore I would never do hexies. LOL never say never right?


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