Using my new design wall

2015-04-18 21.28.19

I am working on a quilt of Valor. I have had several ladies from my quilting group make a star and I am planning a layout currently. I also want to made a few more blocks to make the quilt bigger. I like having a design wall because it is so much easier to see what is going on with the layout. I covered an art canvas with flannel and then it was attached directly to the wall with screws by my husband.

2015-04-18 19.35.40

I have a quilt on the frame for the Historical Society. I am making a small all over feather design. Enlarge pic to see detail. I am at the halfway point and had to spin more bobbins today. I was hoping to have it done and work on sewing the binding by tomorrow. I am not sure that is going to happen because the weather was nice today so we raked the front yard. Back yard is planned for tomorrow if the rain holds off. Yay spring, glad the snow is melted.

And since the bathroom is showing signs of aging, we have been planning a remodel. We have been to the home improvement stores several times looking at options.  Not sure when it will happen but it will be sooner than later as the tiles surrounding the tub are cracking. It is an exciting yet terrifying proposition because we have only one bathroom. I think this will happen next year. And the plan is to diy this job. I am a clean up committee and tool passer. So I think that my husband has a big job ahead of him. I am sticking with ideas and then the garden. Lol.


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