2015-04-22 17.38.31 2015-04-22 17.38.40

I have been working my fingers to the bone getting project done before deadlines. I have the Historical Society’s Raffle quilt off the frame. Now to bind it. I did a hook feather all over and it really is pretty. It has painted and embroidered blocks that represent all of the seasons! So adorable. Go downtown Gaylord next month when the local museum opens and you could buy a raffle ticket!

2015-04-20 06.59.04

The little girls soft letters are done. So cute.

2015-04-19 17.27.42

And now my next deadlined project is sewing this quilt of Valor. I am making stars out of the the snowball blocks I made for the local quilt shop exchange in February.  I also had several people make blocks from my quilt group and what we have here is the start of something wonderful!!!

I have been trying to get something fun in daily, some exercise routinely, eating foods that are health and don’t cause headaches and overall settling into the busy time of the year now that the snow has stopped and the yard has melted. However as I always say, “never put your winter coat away before Memorial Day” is a truth around here.


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