A day of opposites

Saturday was a day of complete contrasts. I woke early to a sunny energy filled morning. I cleaned the house , weeded and thinned the gardens and grocery shopped . Yes all is going so well, lots done and ahead of schedule.


From this mess


To this thinned out version, still some work to go but roses are difficult to dig out.


The fairies are settling in and this was cleaned up


Our usual crowded grocery shop ended with all lanes clear and moving swiftly


Then, I realized too much nature and smelly cleaning products got me. Inhaler, rest, nap and such were my afternoon. The clouds rolled in. So i got up and put the pieces of quilt blocks together and moved to the longarm to work on a big quilt.


Feathers are wonderful on this quilt. I was in a nice slow rhythm


Our day ended at a furniture store picking out this chair. My husband’s broken chair is causing him problems so Happy Fathers day. It was on sale and we both liked it, what an amazing feeling. We havebeen looking for months. What fit him didnt fit the room kr decor until we found this chair.

Then on the way home that was burst by hearing a roar start in the front end of the car, wheel bearing? Hope the extended warranty covers it ….after 15 years we bought a dang chair that fit our decor and we liked after the sticker shock. Sigh, thats always how it goes these days of opposites. 


Today will be low key and sweet. I found a new station for internet radio suggested by my sister…..Lord of the Rings radio. Movie soundtracks, I love it and thats where I am starting my day with coffee. And the elusive white peony bloomed overnight…..its going to be a great day.


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