A week of work and such


With a long week of extra commuting, I sewed these blocks. They are an idea I have in using the tartan scraps I have. I like how they are showcased on the dark background.


Keep thinking about Frankensteining batting scraps. I was going to buy this fuseable tape but i spoke to a long armer in the store and I  am going to try sewing the pieces,  so nice and helpful to meet her and her husband. Havent got that far yet.


Since I had to commute 3 times , i had lunch in the other city. I got sick of going to stores so i went to the old college where i grsduated nursing school. Its so big now. Hardly recognized it! Yep i felt old.


And here is the feathers i am doing on this quilt. Its some of my favorite fabrics.  That’s my week. …..



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