Tutorial on chopsticks and the tartan sticks blocks


A few weeks ago I posted how to make the Chop Sticks block on the link posted above. It is a fun, modern block to make and I was using solids and greys for the original block. I love it so much that I am making a full size quilt. But I began to ponder the possibilities of using tartan strips and a dark background. I cut the strips to 1.5 inches to show off more of the plaid. I free hand cut the block on a diagonal and sewed the strip in the new halves of the square. I start out with a 9.5 inch square. Be sure to have strips that are at least 12 inches long because the diagonal takes up more strip length!


The block will be wonky, don’t worry you will square it up at the end. Freehand cut the block in half again across the block with the strip you just sewed in on the horizontal.

Sew the second strip in place and use a pin or wonder clip to be sure the two halves of the first strip line up! Lastly, square up the block to 8.5 inches in a way that is visually pleasing to you, meaning it shouldn’t be centered!



Here is a pic of the first set of blocks started using solids and greys. Have fun, I think this block has inspired me to try several variations. Watch for them on the blog in the future!

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