Saturday was great

2015-07-17 07.46.26

I started the day out with cleaning up the house and quilting a row on my friends quilt. I am finding that I really like doing projects one row at a time, one step at a time, one 30 minute increment at a time and then find other things to do. Then we had an outing planned. I have been feeling a little under the weather with allergies and a cold but I went. I was thinking maybe I should have stayed home but it was such a nice, hot day and getting out was just what the doctor ordered.

2015-07-17 18.26.52All I could think about was this meme…. because people don’t always get my need to be making something all the time.

2015-07-18 16.53.24 2015-07-18 16.54.21

We went to Frankenmuth to have dinner and prior to dinner we stopped at Bronner’s Christmas store. Yay, I could walk through it today….it’s packed all year long. As is much of Frankenmuth. We stopped at Got Kilt and The Woolen store. I always find fabrics and such. I was tempted to buy the sock monkey book.  I also stopped at Best Buy for a sound bar and Toys R Us for fun. Yikes, lots of shopping! But it was fun.

2015-07-18 17.20.07

2015-07-18 17.33.55

The gardens are so beautiful in this town. Puts my little messy cottage garden to shame, however, I loved these zinnias.

2015-07-18 19.40.24 2015-07-18 19.41.13 2015-07-18 19.41.27 2015-07-18 19.42.32 2015-07-18 19.42.56

We had dinner at a pub called Tiffany’s and it is exquisitely decorated. I was able to see Jerry off to his adventure in Texas, he is the young man in the picture waving at the camera, he wants to be a firefighter. I visited with my friends and had a great dinner.  Most of us don’t live close to each other and making time together is special. What a way to spend a day.

2015-07-18 21.55.38

The moon was rising and the sky was lovely on the way home, you may need to click on the picture to enlarge it and see the detail. Summers are too short, I feel the time slipping away already. Had a great day and I was really glad I went.


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