2015-08-31 12.49.02 2015-08-31 12.49.15 Pillow shams were made for this wonderful Queen Sized quilt that you will see later. I am free motion quilting feathers all over on the shams as well as the quilt.

2015-08-31 12.49.31 Here is a detail pic of the edge of the sham. I had to do a bit of creative feathers to fill the space.


2015-08-27 17.44.14 2015-08-27 17.44.16 

This stunning quilt is pieced by a lovely lady who is 90. She is arthritic in her hands and her hip. So I can totally relate because I share the same joint issues. She keeps on sewing, yes!!!! She had me quilt feathers all over.  I had to press the quilt top before I put it on the frame. The backing fabric was a little narrow so I added muslin to the width left over from a previous project I did for he……r and then I realized the back was only  4 inches longer than the top. Not ideal for overall fmq feathers!!! The flying geese border made this quilt keep growing!!! But as you can see there was just enough, but I was sweating it . The other picture is a detail shot of the back. wpid-wp-1440761974324.jpegwpid-wp-1440761913657.jpeg

I love quilting lovelies for women who are in their 90’s!! You rock.


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