RenFest at Holly, Michigan

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Last Saturday, I was at the Michigan RenFest in Holly, Michigan. I decided to work on a costume this year and I made a skirt. The rest of the costume are items that were given or loaned to me with my embellishments. I wanted to look more like a hobbit type of peasant. I think it was ok for a first attempt at a costume. We get to the festival early because my husband does the Highland games there. So here is the quiet of the festival just before the gates open.

2015-08-29 10.18.35 2015-08-29 10.24.10 2015-08-29 10.24.37

Some nice people took pics for me. Oh, I did get fairy dusted and make a wish. I sat on the Throne of swords and felt like a Queen in the game of thrones, I mean swords. Lol. It’s a fun day to make-believe and leave it all behind.

2015-08-29 10.53.00 2015-08-29 10.59.34

I listened to my favorite band, Tartanic and they had Mandolete as a guest drummer. I love the bagpipes. I took a picture of the Cd girl because, wow. I was truly jealous. Dang!

2015-08-29 11.13.32 2015-08-29 11.13.33 2015-08-29 11.34.51 2015-08-29 11.34.53 2015-08-29 11.35.44 2015-08-29 11.40.11 2015-08-29 11.47.57 2015-08-29 11.50.21 2015-08-29 11.51.12 2015-08-29 11.51.14 2015-08-29 11.56.05 2015-08-29 12.18.57 2015-08-29 12.21.28 2015-08-29 12.30.23 2015-08-29 12.47.50 2015-08-29 12.48.41 2015-08-29 12.49.15 2015-08-29 13.03.57


The highland games. Yes a pirate ship in the background not a porta potty. Love the costumes and the fun.


2015-08-29 13.29.47 2015-08-29 13.29.50 2015-08-29 15.19.57 2015-08-29 15.20.02 2015-08-29 16.46.58 2015-08-29 17.26.32 2015-08-29 22.01.45



Here are more sights and the after party in the pub. I didn’t see some things because of the rain. But while the guys were, bs…. I mean talking I did a little shopping. Love my stuff. All hand made. The pumpkin, too.


2015-08-30 13.42.492015-09-05 08.52.51 2015-09-05 08.53.54

I want to share a little story about the hand printed cards. They are made by a man in a shop called Ormworks. Find it at RenFest it is in a little side street. He is very funny and make all types of these hand printed cards and wall art. Several years ago when I was very , very broke I wanted to buy a special art piece for someone to be a gift. I could not afford it so I settled and bought a few cards. He sensed I was upset that I couldn’t get the expensive gift. So he GAVE me a dated special edition piece dated theprevious year so I could have some art of size. I cried at the time. And every year I go back and buy cards and coloring pages that he prints. He printed his Grown up coloring pages before it became a “thing.” I really love his work and his generosity. He carves all the print on blocks. Amazing artist.

2015-09-03 11.53.25 2015-09-04 15.49.15

Then we came home to bad weather this week causing more trim to have to be worked on… when it dries out. And I have a little infection in my finger nail bed that is now in the finger. On my dominant hand, and finger. I am finding how much I type, sew, crochet, and overall use that finger. I hit it all the time, made for an irritating week. It is feeling better. Yes, I am soaking it, using peroxide, antibiotic spray and Epsom salts. Any other ideas are welcome. And yes I will seek medical attention if it isn’t better by next week. I just wanted to end on me giving the week the bird…. because it wasn’t really fun or magical like RenFest.

Watch for upcoming posts on the projects I am working on and a tutorial. Pinterest has some great ideas there.


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