Road Trip Continues

wpid-20150920_104916.jpg wpid-20150920_104902.jpg2015-09-20 10.57.552015-09-20 10.58.40

On our way from the Highland games we stopped in Grand Haven at this little park. Love the restored train and coal silo. I was asked by a girls Sunday school group to dance the Whip and Nae Nae with them , yes a picture was taken for a scavenger hunt. I was promised that it wouldn’t go on the internet. THEY PROMISED!!!!

Then we stopped in Grand Rapids and picked up our son for Lunch. We spent time with him at Guitar Center and gave hugs all around to him and his girlfriend. It was so good to see him. I forgot to get some pictures at Red Robin but lunch was GREAT! Hmmm, lots of good food on this trip and this restaurant lives up to its advertisement, YUM!

wpid-20150920_180146.jpg wpid-img_20150920_183236.jpgWe drove to Michigan City, IN. We stayed at a casino. I knew as soon as we pulled up to the entrance I was going to be treated like a Queen for a day. So sparkly and fancy. I wasn’t disappointed. We had a spa room with a great view of Lake Michigan, the Chicago skyline and the sunset wasn’t something to be missed. The food was good and I won some money at video poker but promptly lost it.

2015-09-20 20.25.47 2015-09-20 20.26.57 2015-09-20 20.29.10

I would come back here to stay for a day or so!


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