Road Trip 2015- The Field Museum

2015-09-21 09.54.43 2015-09-21 09.56.39 On this day 4 of our Great American Road Trip,  we drove from Michigan City to the Chicago Field museum. We stopped here because we knew there was a special exhibit on Vikings and my husband loves history and everything Viking.  My husband is a great travel planner and he is the one who did all the research on things to do as well as score the wonderful hotels we stayed in. Thanks, Jay, you set a wonderful itenerary.

We were suprised by how extensive the collection of artifacts was. There were even bones, religious and everyday objects. I really enjoyed the beads, the horses and tiny amulets. It got me thinking about making my own version of an amulet bag to have with me.I didn’t get what these amulets were for before this trip to the museum. I need an amulet bag of happiness objects.

2015-09-21 10.21.51 2015-09-21 10.23.02 2015-09-21 10.28.46 2015-09-21 10.28.54 2015-09-21 10.36.15 2015-09-21 10.40.10 2015-09-21 10.41.09 2015-09-21 10.42.21 2015-09-21 10.46.04 2015-09-21 10.49.47 2015-09-21 10.50.19 2015-09-21 10.52.44 2015-09-21 11.02.34Love the ships, too! 

The other special exhibits were about Mastodons and Mammoths.Very enjoyable.  However, I did set an alarm off here because my hip hit the rail by a large tusk exhibit. Was my face red!! The guards came running and then the lady behind me did the same thing so I was able to escape with some dignity.

2015-09-21 11.04.35 2015-09-21 11.08.43 2015-09-21 11.13.47 2015-09-21 11.13.57 The animals were larger in this time, yikes!

2015-09-21 11.23.06 2015-09-21 11.23.29 2015-09-21 11.31.292015-09-21 09.56.58

Views from the lobby. Sue the T rex is my favorite.

The next group of pictures is from the special exhibit on China. I love the textiles and the patchwork. Yes, quilts are everywhere even in clothing. Such lovely works of art.

2015-09-21 12.22.23 2015-09-21 12.24.31 2015-09-21 12.26.22 2015-09-21 12.27.11   Shadow puppets and masks.   2015-09-21 12.29.30

2015-09-21 12.44.49Gems from the gallery. We didn’t go through the entire museum this trip as we have done that in the past. We wanted to focus on the special exhibits and some of our favs. I love diamonds. 🙂

2015-09-21 12.54.11 2015-09-21 13.06.49 2015-09-21 13.06.51 2015-09-21 13.06.58

The view outside the museum of the skyline and the football stadium. I am having such fun and the weather was perfect. We stopped and got Chicago Style Pizza on our way out of the city at Giordano’s. It was worth the wait. I had so much of it we ate it for supper too. Great food!  We then drove to Paducah, Ky. I am so excited about the next day,  I could hardly sleep!!!



  1. It looks like a delightful day at the museum! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. I haven’t been much of a museum person but this is one I’d really like to see!


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