Antique Quilt goes on the frame

2015-10-13 12.49.42 2015-10-13 12.49.51 2015-10-13 12.50.042015-10-06 20.18.222015-10-06 20.18.302015-10-06 20.18.42

AND it is in really good shape. I had my doubts that it could hold up under the stress of a long arm but it did for the most part. Some of the seams popped open. There are some areas that did not lie totally flat. But with the overall feather that was free motion quilted on it, I think it looks great. I am not sure many antique tops could be finished and some just shouldn’t be. I am loving the colors of this quilt and NO BORDERS! love that look. This quilt is very old could be any age but some of the fabrics are very 60’s, others are more from the 70s and 80’s. Hand sewn!

I have to say that this turned out much better than I anticipated because of the challenges of the quilt and the challenges I have been having with my bobbin winder. Think that it is all fixed now!


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