Apple Cider, hay ride, football, atumnal weather … and snow?

2015-10-16 19.22.47 2015-10-16 19.22.56 2015-10-17 08.32.15

But it all started with a few little , well a ton of wet heavy snow Friday night during the high school home game. We lost terribly we left the game a bit early, very unusual for us!. I was very cold and the snow continued all night. Good thing I have so many toasty warm quilts to snuggle under at home!!!

2015-10-17 14.39.45 2015-10-17 14.43.54 2015-10-17 14.50.51

So the next day,  we went to see our son at college a few hours south and we had a great weekend. It was chilly but no snow. We went for a hay ride, checked out the cider mill, and fall colors. We bought apples, doughnuts fresh from the oven and maple sugar candies. Yummy fall traditions!

2015-10-17 14.51.22 2015-10-17 14.52.04 2015-10-17 14.56.02 2015-10-17 14.57.07 2015-10-17 14.57.18 2015-10-17 14.59.27 2015-10-17 15.01.30 2015-10-17 15.05.47

We ended Saturday with a victory for the college football team. Yay! We went to church on Sunday and had a wonderful time at our son’s church. He plays in the band and the sermon was great. I couldn’t have been more happy. I was inspired to make some reprioritizing of my habits…. so I started to read my Bible today. I had been missing my devotions over the summer months. I also am going to start to practice my violin. That will happen tomorrow, because today was gym night.

I am happy to say that I am pretty busy with work, play and customer quilts to be done by the holidays. I am quilting one row at a time and find that is how I get things done and it will be my focus. I am working on several quilts that are challenges so things never get dull or boring!

I am taking a Zentangle pumpkin decorating class Thursday so I am so happy that the weather warmed up to a beautiful autumnal day.


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