Keeping busy isn’t a problem

2015-11-03 06.21.11I keep making a few blocks a week From Tula Pinks 100 modern blocks City Sampler. I confess I did buy some of her new line and it came in the mail. I cant decide if I want to add it to this scrap quilt or if I want to make another quilt with it. The prints are large so I think they are better suited for a different quilt. I am not in a hurry to finish this quilt the blocks are 6.5 inches and fun to sew.

2015-11-04 17.25.30 2015-11-04 17.25.40

Everyone in the neighborhood is raking leaves…. but our trees are still holding their leaves! We will be raking soon. Strong winds yesterday may have knocked them down… and maybe blew some down the road too.

2015-11-05 12.58.51

My next commissioned quilt is giggles by jaybird quilts. The sidekick ruler is the key and you can see it in the top of the picture. I am  using scraps here to practice using the ruler. It is going to be white and bright solid colors in the final quilt. I like the night sky quilt made with this ruler and several other quilts featured on her website. Soooooo, tula’s fabrics may be destined for one of these quilts.

2015-11-05 20.46.42 2015-11-06 21.30.08

I took a Zentangle class this week with the focus on making Christmas cards. I wound up the only student with the Teacher and we had a wonderful time. I keep practicing and I think that I may try to make a couple of cards.

2015-11-02 12.47.52 One row at a time I am longarming Helens jewel of a quilt.

2015-10-31 09.19.49I am also crocheting these little bright grannies in the evening and during lunch.

2015-11-06 06.52.12 Gotta say I bought a panel for making an advent calendar and the instructions are British. I didn’t get them and spent lots of time researching how to make this on the internet. I got it now and this needs to get finished soon too. Overall, I don’t have a problem keeping busy outside of my 40 hour work week.


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