A collaboration


Lots of thinking and looking at all angles!image



Last weekend, I was able to join my quilt group for a exercise in collaboration. We started with one quilt block and then the stack of fabrics was presented with some pictures for inspration. We had our names drawn from a hat and that person, with input from the group, made something to add to the quilt. The goal was to make a charity quilt that is 60 i ches by 60 inches.

We spent about 7 hours and the last person took the components home and was making setting pieces as in the picture. I made the strippy improv section on the bottom left. The inspiration block is above mine. The whole quilt was pieced improv…no patterns. We had to intuituvely make something using what was left in the fabrics. I think my blocks curved pices dont show up much and needs an applique circle, i am not 100 percent happy with mine. But I could work on my section for a whole day on its own.

Overall, a really great exercise for creativity in a beautiful setting withsome great ladies. Just what I needed


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