Working on the home


We bought this table last summer at IKEA. I knew with our schedule it would be after the holidays before we could get it together and move furniture. We have a little electric “fireplace” that we brought into the living room next to it. I have a few ideas to hide the wires and I am pleased with the dark wood and clean lines. My house is old and filled with old furniture that I am slowly replacing. The modernization is a slow process of a really old house yet I want to preserve some of the old features that are cool like the doors and metal register covers. My husband had to put this together so what did I do until I was needed to move things?


I long armed feathers on this lovely customer quilt. I really like this top, it is a pattern I have never seen before. It is on point and it is laying pretty flat, nicely done!!!


It is really cold and we are making up for the lack of snow in November and December. See snow mountain at the property line, it is a parking lot for the school next to our house. I am glad I have so many quilts!!!


I joined a yarn club where you get a box a month for a year. It is  worsted weight yarn. I think I am going to knit a simple cowl to highlight the gorgeousness of the yarn.

So I have lots to keep me busy ! Overall, winter is a time of being home and domestic. I have some deep cleaning planned and a bit of organizing. I have things to get rid of and projects to do. Overall, the amount of snow  wont stop me from doing that kind of stuff!



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