Live and learn



Here is a quilt that was a group project of my quilt group before I started to attend. It is really pretty cool and it is destined to  get finished soon. I believe it will be a fundraiser. I love the top– it is the first picture and the back is the second picture. I am going to take some time to practice making some little improve blocks like this and put them together like what is on the back.

Here are two views of the final version of the improve challenge the group did a couple of months ago. It is also supposed to be a fundraiser for our community skate park.  It was a challenge that we started with one block, had a set group of fabrics to pick from and we each took a turn making something to add to the quilt. This was all one on a Sunday and took all day to get this far.

I was next to last, had a few fabrics to pick from and I had a strippy mess made. See below. The last person took the pieces home and spent hours doing her connecting pieces and cut my mess up and reset it, I am not going to say that it is cheating but it definitely has it advantage!!! It is beautiful. See below to see where this beautiful quilt top came from.


The last person had a challenge but I think that I would have done better if I had more than a hour to do my  part, strippy mess is upper right. I was a little shaken in my confidence after this and really felt bad that what I had made was so terrible. I am glad something pretty could be salvaged. This was right before I was rejected from QuiltCon and that stung a little too. I thought I “got” modern quilting and improv. I don’t think that I do after these two experiences.


When you need to get back on track you make a quilt that has everything planned out. I made this commissioned quilt from a kit for a co worker who is expecting a grandbaby. I completed the quilt and quilted it before the baby came. It is called Giggles by Jaybird quilts using her side kick ruler. LOVE it and feel back on track with quilting.

2016-01-14-12-56-14 And I just bought this cool ruler ( quick curve ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful)  and pattern. I have some really cool fabrics that I recently purchase…. maybe Tula Pink fabric, may be something else…. I will have to think about it.


Here is a Queen sized quilt on the frame currently and I am making hook feathers all over on it. It is a pretty quilt for a customer.

Long weekend, MLK on Monday… what can I get done?



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