100 day project

I saw our local Art Council has a meeting for a group of people doing the 100 day project. I was curious and read more about this. I am pretty busy so I didn’t jump in on the local meeting but I found that there is a virtual community that is doing 100 day projects also.

I thought you had to be a fine artist painting on oil or draw to participate. I see online that they are encouraging all artists. I thought my idea of a whole cloth quilt would fall into this project. It is something I have wanted to do but never tried. It is time consuming and needs lots of testing and background work. It is also something that is all about the process not the result. Even if all you can devote to the project is 10 minutes a day.

Wait…. that is exactly how I make things. It isn’t for the speed and number of end results anymore. I am slowing down and enjoying the process. One stitch and one block at a time. Think, breathe, create. Sometimes in very small time increments.


Here is a link to read more about the project. I have joined the Facebook page too. I am really working on the project even if what I show is drawing Zentangles or ironing fabrics. It is thinking and processing time.

You have time to join in online. You would have to call Gaylord Area Council for the Arts if you want to join in with the local artists.


This is my start to exploring what tangles would work in a whole cloth quilt.


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