Practice and forming plans for 100 day project


This quilt top is a vintage one. It is all hand pieced and you can still see the pencil lines marking the seams! I have no idea how old this quilt is but is has a charming 1970 vibe. Maybe 1960s?



Here is the quilt finished and off the frame.  So gorgeous!


I made this quilt top to try out some ideas in making my own bookshelf quilt. I have seen variations of this out on the internet and  had to try it.  I am debating on putting some selvedge edges on some books to look like the titles. Really fun to make and a scrap buster!


I loaded this lovely quilt on the frame and decided on a overall leaf and curl motif. I like the light colored thread on it. I will get more done on it tomorrow. I keep thinking about different stitches and shapes I want to make on my whole cloth quilt for my 100 day project. It will have everything on it I am sure.



I joined a yarn of the month club via the mail. I thought it would be a good challenge for the winter and for portable projects later in the year. Plus, we don’t have a local yarn shop anymore and this is from a yarn shop 72 miles from me…. needless to say I would never get there. I recieved this lovely hand painted yarn. It had suggestions but no pattern.

Well this pattern for a headband I found is good. However,  my knit stitch was made wrong, i made it too wide and an error in the first row made it curl. Second failed project with this skeinof yarn so I ripped it out. I keep searching for something that I like ….I may have found a cowl pattern. Using this yarn in a project may be my 100 day project. The next yarn mail came and it has a pattern in it for washcloths. I can knit that!





  1. I think I still have a bit of that red/orange fabric. LOL! It is definitely vintage because it is from the 1960s. Width of fabric is 36″!


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