Here we are


Book shelf quilt was completed and gifted. It really turned out to be a pretty sweet quilt. I am going to make another one or two of these. People really like them. They are easy to make just randomly  width of color and make strip sets of color and black. I did about 12.5 in lengths and sewed them together until it measured 14 inch then squared it up. I made the rows to length desired. I added 3.5 inch brown borders for the bookcase. I pieced a few strips to look like fancy bound books. Then I quilted straight lines in purple. Love it. It went to a kindergarten teacher who loves to read.


My linen stitch cowl is slowly coming along. It will be wide to scrunch down. I like this stitch. I think it showcased the hand dyed yarn well, and since this is the third attempt at a project….it will be finished.


Here is the latest customer quilt on the frame. It is lightly quilted in straight lines to enhance the modern feel. It is also going to someone living in Texas so it can’t be over quilted.

I spent time sewing with my Mom. She and I bought a Bom a couple of years ago but it was paper pieced. I already knew how to paper piece but she did not. And it turned out she does care for it. So I worked on several blocks and gave her the ones completed. She will pull the paper and assemble it. I am a third of the way done, it’s coming along! I have to finish my last block and assemble mine, too. The problem is that the blocks were printed a bit too big and the lady cutting the pieces made a few mistakes… so there are a few issues. I am going to try to scan the actual pattern  to see if it works out with the fabric I have. I have heard many people who buy BOMS or kits have this problem…. it soured me on the idea.

My husband got together with his friends and they had a little highland games. I sewed with Mom and visited with family. I have been working on my family tree and I am back a very long ways , the DNA evidence helped me in furthering my search. We will shut Ancestry off in the summer so before that happens I will do a big update in a future blog post.

Well, here we are….  up to date.




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