Latest customer quilt and other notes

2016-02-24 07.37.342016-02-24 07.38.012016-02-24 08.31.46

2016-02-18 12.49.202016-02-24 07.37.342016-02-24 07.38.01

Another lovely quilt by Jane. It is so Modern, I love it. It is lightly quilted as it is going to a southern state. I love the color combo. I love the angles. Great job, Jane , it will be loved by the couple. I think the shot cottons made a great quilt!

I have an order for a quilted wall hanging. Pretty excited about it and I will share more after I draft the quilt. I need to sort thru my scraps to see if I have what I need on hand to make it.

Overall winter has been back with snow, south of me they shut most roads down. I never get that because we get snow like that all the time, so I am jealous!! I have been working on lots of projects but not finishing much so that is my goal over the next few weeks. That is all part of the 100 days project too. I am going to load my fabric on in April for my whole cloth modern quilt. I am doing lots of drawing and testing ideas before then.

Here’s to a productive week! My name tag for Zentangle club is below.  I may try to shade it a little before the next meeting. An Azt card fit will fit the name badge perfectly.

2016-02-24 08.31.46

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