Knitting, voting and podcasts

My day was my first day of commuting to the Other office 40 miles away after being ill for the past week. Driving with the remnants of vertigo was not great this am but it did get better as the day progressed. This dealing with Meniere’s Disease can be most challenging and I haven’t been bothered for a while. It was a little set back that was most annoying.

I Voted in the presidential primary on my way to the office. It was a difficult decision to choose on who to  cast my vote for but I did it! Yay, I encourage all to vote! I believe it counts, I really do.

I had a long grind of a day. I am not cured from my sickness, no one else is well  either ….or on vacation so I had to cover a couple of different departments and do more driving. Well, I was glad to get home  because I got to do something really fun! Do you hear a little whine with my cheese?

I was able to call in a question to a new podcast the Mary and Marianne Fons host. Check out the above link to get all the info.  Its a  radio call in style podcast that is quilt themed with a little life advice too. I had so much fun… a technical glitch made it so I could talk to the ladies for a few minutes before recording the segment and it was so encouraging! More about details later when the podcast airs but listen to the show, its great because they are such wonderful people.

And what did I do creative lately? I finished my hand dyed yarn cowl. It is linen stitch and I steam blocked it. I am so glad to have and wear it… next year, it is 50 degrees out! What? Northern Michigan spring is knocking on our door, I heard seagulls flying in today and I smelled dead skunks on the road.

I have joined a yarn of the month through a small shop near me and I have portable projects now! I decided to use the next yarn box of cottons to make a linen stitch infinity style scarf, yay. I have it cast on and started, I feel pretty accomplished. I am a super slow knitter and crochet but it is all about the relaxing process for me.

I am also going to write some things on my blog using some prompts that Mary Fons had suggested on her blog Paper Girl. I needed this because I find the prompts for photo a day so helpful in jump starting my creativity. I love her prompts to I will tackle them over the next few days. There may be more writing than pictures in those posts! And what a way to continue my 100 day project, thanks Mary for your inspiration! Here are her prompts:

What is your personal credo?
Closely examine your feelings on olive loaf.
What stops you in your tracks?
How do you feel about adults who take tango lessons? Explain.
What the heck is wrong with you and what are you going to do about it?





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