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How do you feel about adults who take tango lessons? Explain.


This is a prompt from a blog that Mary Fons wrote for her blog, a jumping off point to have for a blog post. I agree with her assertion that the more we practice the better we can get at a craft, art or skill. Mary writes Paper Girl and it is well worth the read. I am looking at using blogging prompts to help my creativity and ultimately help me with completing my 100 day project which will be a long armed whole cloth quilt. Writing helps with my creative process and will help in completing this project.

How do I feel about adults who take tango lessons? VERY Jealous. I wish I could dance. I have to say I can’t. I have damaged balance mechanisms in my ears so I can barely walk some days. I love the music, the movement and the passion.

Tango is not a dance I ever had a chance to witness until ballroom dancing was on TV for a world championship competition years ago. I was memorized. I wished I had the body to wear the costume. I had never worn anything fancy in my life, not even a prom dress. The dresses were so spectacular, sparkly and DRAMATIC. The movements so fluid and the dancers moving in such perfect timing. It takes a tons of guts do pull off such a dramatic dance, in high heels, wearing a sexy dress and not hurt yourself!

The music is what I would call exotic. I played upright bass in our schools music program as well as jazz band so I was very familiar with the style of music. The beat, the unique sound of the dance transported me to a place in my imagination to where the dancers would be… a hot ballroom in South America. I had no idea that the Tango was still a dance that continues today, and not just a dance done in old movies,  until I recently watched a travel show devoted to it.

I would love to tango however, I would fall and hurt myself. If  had the opportunity to play in a band that was the live music,  it would be divine. That would be as close as I would get to ever dancing a tango let alone take a lesson.


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