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I made a quilt top this week. It is called Giggles by Jaybird Quilts. I used the sidekick ruler that she developed and it made quick work of this chevron quilt. I am going to teach a class at Delphine’s Quilt shop next month, a first for me, on this quilt. Teach a formal class, to quilters!  I have the top completed to be displayed for National Quilt day tomorrow at the shop. I will pick it up in a week and then quilt it.

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This fun quilt block is the Aurifil Designer block of the month and Christa Watson designed it. Here is a link to her blog and all the info. There is a giveaway for Aurifil thread, too, at Pat Sloan’s blog, click on link to see how to enter. I made this block strictly to enter the contest lol. I like it, and her pattern is really well done!



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I was listening to Quilt your Heart out‘s recent pod cast. The special guest was talking about making quilts to commemorate life’s moments. I never have made any memory quilts and I don’t really have any desire to… you know those T shirt quilts or a top made from deceased people’s clothing…. not really for me. However,  I have made quilts for babies and weddings, graduations and for comfort. But I began to think…. what about doing something for me. I have a 50th birthday in May. And it is bothering me just a little bit.

I googled ideas for a 5oth birthday quilt. I found an idea for making a quilt based on your birthstone and use 50 colors. Hmmm, I love a quilt I saw named emeralds that I saw on Quilty and on Fons and Porter. Mary Fons designed it and talked about it. It is definitely a quilt on my Must Do List.  Then, I googled more and saw that it was in Quilting Jan/Feb 2015. I then realized, I HAVE  THAT ISSUE! And you can see I found it.

So here is my plan. I want to make 50 of these Emerald blocks. They will all have a different center, and all shades of greens like Mary’s quilt. I saw another quilt online made of 50 blocks and it was King Sized. I plan to make this during my 50th year. I even made one block and you can see that I have several greens in my stash. But only about 15… I guess I will have to buy more this year , so sad isn’t it!

And I made my first block the week of St Patricks Day, it’s meant to be,




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