New things

2016-03-14 06.58.47


I really am excited to share what we won at the silent auction at the Hoolie on Saturday.  I  really enjoyed the band and the cd is well produced. Love all the tracks on it, nice music to listen to this Monday after Daylight Saving’s time. I got a Shamrock pin and then the other prize is ….  A basket of art supplies! Pastels, watercolors, paper, pencils, coloring book. I haven’t even taken everything out. I do believe I will use all of these supplies in my drawing and Zentangle projects.  I was pretty excited to win all of these treats! I  plan to celebrate by drinking some bubbly out of the champagne flutes. Maybe my 50th birthday?

So far one of my 5th time grandfather’s was born on the Isle of Mann, an island off Ireland. I think that he is the first ancestor in my tree born in another country. I have many others born in Ireland and I am finding that I don’t know much about them. I am trying to find out more like why did they leave when they did? Did they come alone? Did they all become farmers? Seems like they did. I also want to know if they were an Indentured servant because my grandmother said someone was. The more you find out the more questions are brought up.

Happy Pi day, wish I had a chicken pot pie and an apple pie. Had salad instead. Ick




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