Finished the 100 day project

2016-03-30 07.53.40

2016-04-01 07.16.052016-04-01 07.16.252016-04-01 07.17.23

After all the Zentangle drawings, the quilting on other quilts and thinking. I loaded my 100 day project 2016-04-01 07.16.56on the frame. My plan was to make a whole cloth quilt. But that idea changes to what you see. The top is a hot pink with a ombre strip and the back is pink and gray. Click each picture if you want to see it bigger.

For the past 100 days, starting Jan 22 many art councils in Michigan and around Lake Superior and beyond,  were meeting and supporting each other both face to face and online for a 100 day project. The core belief is to do something creative every day- for even a few minutes- to jump start creativity. It was fun and I wished I could have attended the local meetings. However, just doing it and talking to others who were participating helped. I finished the quilt early and I jumpstarted my creative mojo.

Am I 100 percent pleased? It doesn’t matter. I did the project and I finished its journey. It doesn’t 100 percent meet what my minds eye thought it would be in the end but I like it and it will have a purpose. There you have my overall judgement on the quilt.  It had a purpose in making it. I am learning more and  more that I find more satisfaction in the process vs. having the end product meet perfection. I like finishes but it all about how I got there .

Thanks 100 day project, I enjoyed the journey!!!


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