Block 4 of Pat Sloans BOM

Block 4

2016-04-02 16.51.19

Here is April’s block from Pat Sloan’s Secret Garden Mystery BOM. This is a free block of the month that she posts on her website. Click on link , the blocks are 16 inches and they are really fun to make. This block I made more to look like a watercolor quilt. I like it. I need to make another block with a white back on the next one then I will have part with light back ground and have with a darker back ground.

2016-04-02 16.52.22

Here are the first four. I will add more colors because I am already going through these fabrics, it is a sampler so it will start becoming more scrappy but I want to try to stay with this color scheme.

2016-04-05 17.32.202016-04-05 17.32.312016-04-05 17.33.03

Here is a sneak peek at the back of a quilt I long armed for charity that my little quilt group made.  I will do a full blog post about this at the end of the month when the group meets and I can get more pictures. Stay tuned. I

2016-04-06 07.12.56

April 6th is National Tartan Day, I wore my Michigan tartan scarf and clip to work today. I love the blues and greens in this tartan. Happy Tartan Day!



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