making what I like or why I don’t give away many of my quilts anymore

I like to make things. I have many craft projects I do like knitting, tatting, crochet and violin playing that I like to do and have studied  over the years. I even practice them a lot. But I would say I am not as passionate about these things as quilting. I like to try new things out. I like to make things that appeal to me, vs making something that I would guess another person would like… and they don’t always. Gift giving is a risk! I do give quilts as gifts to special people. I do make quilts and give some away to charities, occasionally. But honestly,  they are like my little quilt family that I don’t really want to let to live somewhere else. I appreciate them because I made them in a way that I would like.

So I have the- not= well- received Scrap Vomit blocks all pieced. I have a few blocks  up on the design wall. It will be a 5×5 setting and measure about 60 inches. No sashing or borders. I know some people think its weird to take all my traditional and a few modern 2.5 inch charms and make this quilt but I love it! See my previous post here about the pattern that Katy Jones did. This is a nod to a postage stamp quilt my grandmother always wanted to make but didn’t. It is my more up to date version using more traditional fabrics.

2016-04-12 10.18.44

You can see lots of my quilts on this blog and I have to say that sometimes , as in any creative field, you have  a hit. Maybe a miss or as I like to call them experiments or a total fail but I think that once this one is together it will be a hit. I am putting it away for a while and working on some block exchanges. I know, I have not done them in years and thought I would not like doing them again. I am going to try. We will see if these internet based ones have nice people in them. I think they will.



  1. Vicki, your attitude about your quilts mirrors mine. I make what I love to design-never use a pattern-and then I want to keep the final result. I have given away lots of them because we live in a very small home and there’s simply a dearth of space to store them. They are draped over chairs, laid across tables, hung on the walls, used as window dressing or on the two beds. Yet I still want to keep the ones I am working on now. Hmmmm. Suggestions?

    I love your designs. Keep making and blogging about your adventures, please. Happy Holidays and may every step we take in 2017 lead the way to peace.


  2. I have always found my quilts have been well received. Yes I love making them and I make what I like too. I love the process and afterwards don’t have to own them…guess we are all different. Keep enjoying the making and keeping


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