Stars and Birds

I love quilting for octogenarians and the star quilt is not exception. I love how it is really fearless in fabric choices, and it is a very clever pattern. The setting is one I really really like. The whole quilt is swirls but in different sizes in each color to give a water effect. I did a ribbon candy stitch in the outer white border.

So what’s up with the little orange and white Birds In the Air block? I signed up for a couple of blocks exchanges online. This block is 8.5 inches and the background has to be white. It is an exchange that is due in June.  You make as many blocks as you want, send them and they get mixed up… and you get as many back as you sent. I think it will be a fun exchange.

I also signed up for another block swap that is one block  a month. It will be more challenging because you are trying to make a block that an assigned partner sends you preferences on. I hope this one turns out to be ok. I am getting a little nervous about it now, lol. The first month is you make a block for yourself to get the ball rolling.

Another week of work done. Weather is melting the snow so little yard jobs will start. I think I will pick up sticks and branches blown down over the winter. I may try to rake out a flower bed. My husband is going to start practicing Highland games this weeked. So the hibernating phase of winter is over !


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