2016-04-22 06.39.592016-04-22 06.40.52

I have been making some birds in the air blocks for a online group I belong to. I think I will make about 40 so everyone gets one. I will get 40 back and they will be signed. I am not sure what setting I like for these but it’s fun to play around on the design wall to see some options.



2016-04-24 19.22.41

I found some cute things for my fairy garden. I will add a little each year and spread out the plants I have. I keep looking for dwarf plants to add to the raised boxes that have been converted to my fairy gardens. Veggies just didn’t grow there. I have a patio, so I will get my lawn chair out more this summer and enjoy it. My neighbors who all smoked have either moved or quit smoking. I can enjoy my yard!


2016-04-20 19.36.26

Here are all the spool blocks that were entered in my quilt groups block lotto. Did I win them? NOOOOO, but I love these so much that I want to make them. I will . Later. Need more white for back ground.


2016-04-20 21.21.36

Pat made this jean quilt at quilt group. I really love the layout and those turquoise jeans really pop. I love the skinny black strips and I need to perfect a way to cut out and sew them without wonk. I have some ideas. Starch the strip fabric before cutting. Cut them in shorter blocks and not the width of fabric. I will try these next time.

2016-04-20 18.26.28



2016-04-23 10.33.18

Here are some Zentangles and coloring I have completed this past week. I am going to work on more Zentangle for the Zen and as a lauching pad for creativity as well as long arm ideas.



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