2016-04-24 10.12.38

A perfect spring day, we spent a night at this hotel. I is a vintage hotel Henry Ford built for the people that flew in to his airport. It is very …. well high end. The special reason we stayed here was to have dinner at a very fancy restaurant , downtown Detroit. I have not ate a meal served in courses since I was a child and my grandparents took up to these types of resturants.

We ate at the Republic Tavern. It is all gourmet. It has a short menu that changes often. They use local sourced ingredients and it is very fresh. We ate Chef’s choice and has samplers of many items off the menu. It was the best food and an adventure. I ate foods I have never had before. Such fun. I am not a foodie but this would be a place for one!

I have to say that this reminded me of eating out with my grandparents. We ate at a fancy restaurant in the 70’s that you had to wear a tie or a dress too. I remember that it took a very long time to eat the meal in courses. And my little cousin was a very picky eater. He would only eat a pb and j. They didn’t have that so they sent someone out to get one, locally sourced lol. And it cost my grandparents $5. And he wouldn’t eat it!


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