manual labor

2016-04-30 12.54.05

This week I have been waiting for the ground to dry out so we could participate in Chainsaw Saturday, or what is commonly referred to others as spring clean up in the yard. We raked, cut branches and hauled it to the road for pick up. Yesterday was the perfect day to do clean up 50 degrees and sunny. I put sunscreen on just in case my very pale skin wouldn’t burn. The vit D I soaked in felt good.

I did a little clean up a couple of weeks ago on the flower beds so the work wasn’t as intense as usual. More work is needed on the gardens but I have all summer, It is too early to get the fairy garden stuff out. We get snow and freezes up to the end of the month. I will slowly get the fairy garden things out first. Then add the annuals I want. We have some other manual labor projects to do, fill in holes in the driveway and possibly mulch. So my legs ache today from all the bending. I had a sense of pride over investing in our little patch of land with the 110 year old house. It survived the winter pretty well, needs some replacement on trim on the front. It stands solidly. Made me feel like I can too. This old house and I we made another winter with just a few things that need work.

I am working on WIPS. I have been knitting my hand towel. I have crocheted edges on my granny squares that aren’t joined. I started a little bit of tatting. I have tested a block for quiltmaker. doing my birds in the air blocks for an exchange, I have been longarming the super king and planning my block in an exchange for ello….. but nothing pic worthy. I have my Tula Pink city sampler calling me. And I have found podcasts make my workday go so much faster so I can get to the fun stuff listed above!

I have to say I need to back off on all the pictures on the blog because WordPress has decided to put a limit on how much they will host for free. Jerks. So I am going to be more judicious as I have used over half of my space and it is only May 1. I may need to focus more on the writing aspect vs pics and reporting what I am up to. Wanna see tons of my pictures go to my Instagram account or Ello!

Overall, I think over the next week or so will be working with yarn vs. sewing.



  1. How interesting that it is just time now for you to start your spring/summer gardening. Down here on the Texas gulf coast most of us are finished for the season. The garden center was very busy 2-3 weeks ago and now just about empty. Our yard is blooming nicely and grass is growing. Enjoy your spring.


    • We have a very short growing season here and I quit veggie gardening because it frosts before things can ripen. I lived in west Texas and loved the mild winters but the heat wasn’t something I could get used to!!!! We had a fabulous winter only a few months this year!


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