Quiet mornings and wips

This week I have had quiet mornings without sewing. I have been working on hand work projects. I have been finishing up my yarn projects. It is really slow, I have forgotten how time consuming they can be. I have made some progress worth a picture and report.

2016-05-04 07.38.07

Here is my Bon Bon granny squares with white yarn borders and I am joining them together. If I need to make it a little bigger I have the yarn to make more squares. It is going to be 6×7 currently. It isn’t really large but will look good in my living room on the back of my sofa. The goal was not to be of any size and I decided the squares are too big for a scarf.

2016-05-05 07.09.08

This is cotton yarn from my monthly yarn club. It is going to be an oversized hand towel like a bar towel for my kitchen. It is more yellows in it than the pic shows. I like the honey comb pattern. This monthly club is with a local yarn shop and she has patterns included so it forces me to push my knitting skills because I don’t have lots of confidence in making up patterns as I go in knitting.

2016-05-05 07.10.30.jpg

The progress on my tatted edging. I bought this hand towel fabric and plan to sew it on this. My serger is fresh out of the shop so I want to serge the edges where it was but off the bolt.

I have lots of ideas for non quilting this to make this summer to change things up a little. Here is my ideas of sewing/serger: baby washcloths for new grandbaby on the way, pillowcase dresses x2, possible shorts x2

I was looking at my WIP table in my sewing room. I have a couple going:

50th birthday block Emeralds. I will take a while and purchase 50 different greens through out the year to celebrate my birthday.

Tula Pink City Sampler


Birds in the Air block exchange

Monthly Ello block swap

And I have several quilt tops worth of orphan block languishing in my drawer

plus I have several months of my yarn club kits to knit this summer at highland games

I want to learn to use my serger more and make a t shirt

I have a few irons in the fire to balance my life out !!


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