My birthday


Many quilter’s make quilts to celebrate moments. I have found that many call making a quilt to commemorate  a  50th birthday a Jubilee quilt. There is something about making this day about celebrating and joy that appeals to me. There is a Biblical connotation to jubilee but I won’t get into that on this post. I decided after dreading this day for months to rethink this into celebrating the day. 2016-05-25 19.51.46

I started the day off sewing two more of these blocks before work. See post here about this quilt. During my 50th year , I am making this Emerald quilt (my birthstone) with 50 different green centers. I have loved this quilt since I first saw it on the internet, click link to see detail about this quilt and it’s pattern by Mary Fons. I am going to savor the process and find some awesome greens during my travels this year.

I went to work, had a most awesome lunch with my friend Carol who spoils me rotten. We shared lunch, had quilty talk and ideas…. ahhh perfection. For dinner I was treated by my husband to a fabulous meal and I forgot to get a picture of these meals. We had a warm brownie with icecream on it, yummmmm. A very special time with him to talk and laugh about being the age for an AARP invitation.  I had tons of well wishes, phone calls from my family and text messages and video messages. If only every day were so wonderful.

It all went well with these beverages.

2016-05-25 18.41.11

and to end this day, I toasted to a wonderful jubilee year. I drank Guinness from my Galway crystal champagne flute. I had that planned for months.

2016-05-25 20.12.19

Most awesome!

Aviary Photo_131086975600586340


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