Last weekend was the kick off to the Highland Games Season and we traveled to Alma, Michigan. It was fun to get together with our friends and family to watch the games and kick off the summer. My husband did well in the games and helped raise money for the local VFW during a caber demo, so they can help those in need in their chapter. I could talk for days about Highland games but to give you a quick summary it is a day of competition of ancient Scottish events like a track meet. There is a stone throw, throwing weights for distance and height, caber toss and sheaf toss. He got 2nd place in 2 events and 4th in his age group.  I pet the cute little Scottie dog named Thistle. Love the little quilt she is sitting on, maybe I need to make one in the future.  I also purchaged a art glass orb with a Tree of Life theme. I am just a lover of glass, I have tons !

I have been working on my Tula Pink City Sampler. I have nearly 60 of the 100 done. I am making progress on the grey longarm quilt project of mine. I am nearing the end so watch for pictures.

2016-06-02 17.01.44

Here is a start to a Zentangle Mandala. I bought a 4 dollar 360 degree compass and got the points set up. I love how fun it is , I have lots more to do to complete the circle. I hope to have it done before Zentangle group in a couple of weeks.



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