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2016-06-20 22.36.37

It was a full moon on the summer solstice. It happens only once every 70 years, so rare! However, it set up a week of work being a full moon week. One complete disaster after another.  I have worked in 4 different offices/departments in 5 days. It was frought with frustration and tears.


2016-06-21 07.02.43

I did a block exchange and Here is the Quatrefoil block I made with  extras for her. I hope she likes it! I have to get to the post office today.



2016-06-21 07.46.33

I am finishing up these leggings. I spent a long time rethreading that darn serger but it works like a dream. Mostly operator error, I am not familiar with the machine.

2016-06-25 12.50.11

I have lots to learn and I hope they fit because I have pink knit to make into pants, too!



2016-06-25 08.19.22

I am coloring this quilt and decided to not buy more fabric pens, they are expensive! It is an experiment so I want to use up the paing pens I have. I will invest in the Jacquard paints for the next one to see how that works because it looks like you can achieve shading. I saw this idea by http://www.thequiltedthistle.com


2016-06-25 12.41.58

I had Zentangle group this week and we did the I am a Diva challgene, she posts one weekly on her blog. Black and White and Red all over. Here is mine. I love Zentangle. I need to draw more to prep me for other creative things. It is also very relaxing.

2016-06-25 08.22.36

I received these lovely blocks in the mail from Amy my #helloblockswap partner on Ello.co. She did such a wonderful job, I love the teals and greys. She did a great job making improv blocks. I am soooo happy. Exchanges are so much fun!!!

This weekend is home, gardening, longarming and cleaning. Got a new vacuum, gotta put it together.

Its the little things that make me so happy in spite of the Strawberry moon,



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