First Day of Summer

And it is a full moon tonight with the solstice. I understand that is very rare…. last occurence was 70 years ago. It has been hot so for once it really feels like summer. I am enjoying the sun and heat however, I am very thankful for the big splurge we made several years ago when we installed central air conditioning.

Last week was our stay cation and I will show you what was accomplished:

The Front porch had to be replaced so the carpet people could safely come in the house to install the carpet. The left pic shows the Berber that my parents installed 25 years ago. The next pic shows the pine floors and the white spot is an area here a big hole was in the floor that held an open grate. The house had a coal furnace that let the heat rise to keep it warm. The carpet is in the van ready to install!

So they kicked us out of the house and we went and had lunch in Mackinaw City, did a little shopping for fudge and flavored popcorn. When we got home the carpet in the living room , dining room and stairway was done! Its great. I keep getting asked why I didn’t go with the wood floors. Well, it’s really cold here in the winter and the basement /floors get really cold. The floors are not in great shape and we would get a carpet anyway after a resurface so why not go with what we like? The house sounded like a bowling alley without carpet. Love the choice, it is grey but the tweed in it goes well with all the wood.

Then we had a highland games at the local Airshow in our home town. It was awesome! Hubby had a good day and I haven’t seen the show up close in several years.

2016-06-18 11.46.212016-06-18 15.23.172016-06-18 15.34.502016-06-19 10.52.16


And some pics from the Airshow. I had a great time.

There were all kinds of things from the B-17 to a jet powered Semi and fire! There was fast cars and the best was seeing my friends and family all day. It was a scorcher but our tent was a really fun place to be. I hope they have us back next year.

2016-06-19 13.04.592016-06-20 07.58.38

I found that the long arm was packed with lint on the frame so it wasn’t gliding easily so I use alcohol prep pads to clean it up and loaded a scrap on to make shoulder pads for my husband when he throws the caber . A big quilt will go on this week.

2016-06-20 12.20.19

I sewed two test blocks for Quiltmaker and I did the June block for Pat Sloan’s Mystery quilt. The lower right it the June block. Here are all together. I spent a couple of hours rethreading my serger and I did sew some clothes. That will be a future post when they are done.

Whew, back to work and now I am vegging out in front of the TV watch the original X files TV show, I am hooked.


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