Saline Celtic Festival



This Highland games was at a festival that had all types of interactive events. It has all types of activities, for example, fencing, sword handling lessons, birds of prey, the SCA and historic reinactors and jousting. My husband had great fun at this game. It was a lovely shady 75 degrees. In years past it was nearly 100 here and high humidity. Great time spending time with my friends and family. I didn’t get pictures of all events. I did get some videos but I seem to have problems learning  how to download the files to my computer and then I don’t have the patience to edit. I have 2 games to edit and I want to do that this week.

Other goals : Long arm 2 quilts. Make a swap block , Keep up with my Quiltmaker’s test blocks. Make one pillow case dress. Go for little walks and get to the gym, get started on my Podcast by recording some tests

I also started playing Pokémon Go. I love it and think it is a very cool new mobile game. I think it will get people outside, learn about different sites as well as their history and walk. I haven’t been in our downtown area in a long time. I walked to the sights , I caught Pokémon and I talked to several people I didn’t know. I was so fun! So not what I would usually do. AND I haven’t seen that many people in our downtown area in years. I think it is a good thing. And to all who don’t understand it …. that’s ok but don’t get nasty about it.


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