2016-07-16 21.38.43

My husband and I graduated from the same High School. We went to a multi year class reunion last night. I haven’t had  a chance to see people we went to school outside of our class in years. There were people from all generations, sooo cool from 1943 to 2010. My name tag said I graduated from 1965 not 1984. We made jokes all night, you know, I was well preserved and cougar before it was popular etc. Lots of reminiscing, had good food and a good time.


2016-07-17 11.45.052016-07-17 17.30.20

I made 40 of these Modern Birds in the Air blocks in the spring and mailed them off for a block swap. I received my blocks yesterday. I  sewed them up today in to a quilt top. I have blocks from Australia, Scotland, Canada and many US states. Each is signed by the maker.  I hope to meet some of the Michigan quilters at the Grand Rapids AQS show. I am quilting a few for customers then I want to get mine quilted. I am thinking my day job is gonna get really busy since we are short staffed  and long arming for others , except for friends, and such will really slow down.




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