So much fun

I have had a busy week! last weekend we went to Livonia, Michigan and watched the Highland games there. My husband was asked to be part of the Tug of War team and they won. I had my picture taken with the Winner of the day Matt Vincent. This weekend we went to the Sparta Celtic festival. My son and his girlfriend were at the festival and we had a blast. I love this little festival, it’s free and has great music and dance. I bought a little succulent fairy garden at the craft show, couldn’t help myself! The highland games are always a good time, my husband won second place in his division.

Mid week I went to my Mom’s house and we went to the AQS show in Grand Rapids on Thursday with a tour of 5 from her town. We met Twilter’s an online group we belong to, Mom joined after the show. We made new friends, I had never met any of the Twilter’s in person, saw the best quilts on display and made a few purchases. I have tons of pictures of quilts there but I don’t have all the makers and information and such to post many but I am going to post the winners and a fellow Twilter’s Christa Watsons. I have to say I am a bit tired and not looking forward to going back to work.

Can you have a fun hangover? Yea, I have one



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