Oh No!


We have our printer set up near a guest bed. Well there was a jam and there was a little incident with the toner…. ooopps! Here is what it looks like after I dabbed off what I could. I quickly went to the internet and I then sprayed it with hairspray. Let it dry and used Resolve stain  lifter and then washed in Tide.

2016-08-15 21.10.40


First wash and still wet. Then I used hair spray again, resolved , blue Dawn dish soap and I dumped ERA stain lifter detergent right on the stains and washed again.



After last washs and dry, looks great… well, I didn’t get that quarter inch seam allowance properly. I had a little repair work to do. But you can barely see where the stain was!


This week was Zentangle group. The theme was the Rio Olympics. And I sure love sports and the Olympic are so much fun to watch!It was a difficult challenge and everyone in the group really found it hard also, I am pleased with how it turned out !

And I finally finished my coloring page. I made the lined clamshells a metallic gold or silver. It reminded me of the Rainbow Fish children’s book, a glittery fish scale!

I started taking my little sketch book to work so that I can practice Zentangle patterns while on hold, in meeting and at lunch when out of town. I am trying to find something productive to do and carve out time for my drawing. I practice quilting stitches by drawing the out too.



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