a little fun

This weekend was the Michigan RenFest. I enjoyed the day immensely. I was able to see all the shows I wanted and see all the shops. I rained so I ducked into the truck. I was able to see my husband compete in the Highland games and I saw friends. I love all the shops there and it really feels like a day in a Fairy Village or Faire. I didn’t wear my skirt but I did wear my vest and tartan. The weather concerned me and I didn’t want to ruin  the skirt. I have some good ideas to jazz up the skirt with layers. I may have it ready buy Sept 17th when we go again for Irish Weekend and they have a Highland Games. Wanna see my husband throw a perfect caber? go to my Instagram account on the side bar for the video.

Today I have a few chores to do and mostly get a king sized quilt on my frame. I have already started working on my last 20 blocks of 100 in my Tula Pink City Sampler. Quiltmaker Magazines 100 block testing pattern cycle has one left and I feel like I will be assembling several tops from these test blocks. Weddings next year and graduations. I have lots of quilts to long arm and I am thrilled.


I keep stretching my sore legs and ankles… 13,000 steps in a day for me is a lot! I need to go to festivals more often, lol




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