show notes- my first podcast


Click on the link to listen.

The mosaic has my first quilts , the little double wedding ring, a sampler that I made by hand mostly in a class and the pinwheel quilt that nearly was thrown out. The next picture is some tatting I was working on.

I will have to find a pic of the first project, the lone star… I will put it up later in show notes!


I found it my lone star pic!




  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to listen. Your podcast has been on my to do list for a long time and here I am FINALLY. The other podcasters will tell you that I am chronically #podcastdeliquent. Don’t take it personally.

    I like the page with links to all of your show notes. It makes it easy to find the post for which I am looking.

    I enjoyed hearing about your history of sewing.

    Your art teacher was rude and should not be teaching anyone, much less junior high kids, about art. Drawing takes practice and you can only learn it if you do it every day. I can draw, but not realistic drawings. You can see some of my drawings at They are not realistic. They are almost cartoonish, but they are my style and I like them and I know people understand what I am trying to communicate. I am glad the teacher made you work at things. Leave the teacher behind.

    I think your description of a fusion quiltmaker is a good one. I think I am that kind of quiltmaker also. I do a little of each, though I mostly use cheerful fabrics and don’t really use repro fabrics. I don’t know if you meant that you use repro fabrics when you do traditional quilts.

    Are you near Nonnie and Gretchen? They are both in Michigan.

    Have a great day!


    • Thanks for taking time to listen and comment Jaye! I think that your drawings are amazing! I took up zentangle and I am slowly branching out. People just don’t realize the power of words, do they?
      I have used repro fabrics and mixed them with solids. It is funny how if you just look at the color and not the print it all works out!
      I live 4 hours north of Nonnie and Gretchen on the 45th parallel, “halfway between the equator and the north pole.” This time of year it feels like the north pole!
      have a good one!!


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