Block swap

I paper pieced this string block to make a 12.5 inch block for my HelloBlockSwap exchange on Ello. I will mail it over the weekend when it isn’t raining! I love how easy it was to use up little strings left from my City Sampler.  I printed the paper piecing foundation off my Electric Quilter 6 program, love it so much!

After a really terrible start to Renfest last weekend with a torrential downpour , the Highland games went. I sat in the truck and knitted, worked on my podcast and dried out until the games started. My husband had the best time. He tied for first in WOB ! They did a keg toss and a 50 pound hammer throw for fun. It was pretty cool.

Then Sunday we went to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. I took video most of this day but I have a few pictures. Edison’s lab is a really cool place. Love everything about the Village. I went with my parents, my son and his girlfriend and my husband. My dad wanted to see the partial round house there especially. I have been here several times and last time was about 7 years ago, I think. But it never gets old for me. We may go back for the holidays if we can get a ticket.  It is soooo cool. They have Model T’s you can ride, historic buildings and living history stuff going on all over. I think I like it even more than Colonial Williamsburg, maybe that’s my Michigan bias.

Work has been much more back to it’s normal pace so I am getting some quilting done. I have not been to the gym yet but I have fallen twice this week. My middle ears must be flared up…. hope it’s allergies and not the plague that is circulating the office.

Home this weekend, so I expect to get the house clean, and several finishes under my belt. And football and gym and… wait there are only 24 hours in a day!





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